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Three unnamed men are standing on a platform over a canal.
The first man is young, has short, messy, brown hair, and is wearing a blue shirt over a white t-shirt.
The second is older, wearing a brown coat or jacket, and has short black hair with a goatee.
The third is the only one whose face we can see. He has longer brown hair, a big nose, and a full, neat, beard, is wearing a dark blue t-shirt, and is looking suspiciously at the reader.
A fourth man, named Tim, further away than the other three, is a young Asian man, with short, neat, black hair, wearing shorts and a marine blue t-shirt. He is sitting on a railing, facing the water, with his hands tied behind his back, and his feet encased in two blocks of concrete.

The second man: "Now, you understand that this isn't personal."
The first man: "Yeah, we don't feel good about this at all."
Tim: "Great, I'll let you know how I feel about that next week. OH WAIT."

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